Odif 606 - Permanent Fusible Adhesive Spray 250ml

Odif 606 - Permanent Fusible Adhesive Spray 250ml

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Odif 606 spray on heat-activated glue. Truly sewing without needles, 606 allows glueing fabrics, felt, ribbons etc. onto other fabrics.

The ideal glue for the repair and customisation of clothing - allows you to spray then activate the glue with heat in only the desired areas.

Iron for 45 seconds on a standard cotton setting for complete adhesion. Can be washed on a warm setting (40 degrees) and dry cleaned.

As with all adhesives we recommend testing 606 Spray Glue on a piece of your fabric prior to main use.

As this is an aerosol regrettably it can only be sent to addresses on the UK Mainland. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.