Bonus Chunky Tweed

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About This Yarn

A tweed effect yarn for style conscious knitters on a budget. Hayfield Bonus Chunky Tweed is destined to be especially popular with beginners and knitters looking for the tweed effect in cosy quick knits. Building on our customers’ three favourite tweedy colours in Bonus Chunky, we’ve created an entire tweedy yarn. A co-ordinated nep across the entire palette of tweedy shades makes it really easy to mix and match colour-work.

What's it like to work with?

Hayfield Chunky Tweed has all the easy-knit qualities of popular Bonus Chunky and it’s fun to see this nepped yarn quickly grow into a soft tweedy fabric, whatever stitches you use.

What is it best for?

Quick to knit, Bonus Chunky Tweed is ideal for creating big knits on a budget and for creating the chunky, tweedy look in garments that are soft, lightweight and easy to wear.